Service Sheets and Notices

Here you will find the readings for each Sunday along with church notices. They are available to download as PDFs. If you need them in another format please contact the parish office

07765 513424

Sunday 9th May
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Sunday 21st March
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Sunday 21st Feb
Sunday 2nd May
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Sunday 14th March
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Sunday 14th Feb
Third Sunday of Easter 2021-page-001.jpg
Sunday 18th April
Third Sunday of Lent 2021-page-001.jpg
Sunday 7th March
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Sunday 7th Feb
Sunday 4th April
Second Sunday of Lent 2021.jpg
Sunday 28th Feb
Fourth Sunday of Epiphany 2021.jpg
Sunday31st Jan
Third Sunday of Epiphany 2021-page-001.j
Sunday 24th Jan
Second Sunday of Epiphany 2021.jpg
Sunday 17th Jan
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Sunday 10th Jan
Fourth Sunday of Advent.jpg
Sunday 20th Dec